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These are specialized classes offered only through Greenbelt Access Television. You can register for them directly through our website or by emailing for scheduling information.

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Join us for an overview of what public access television means in Greenbelt and an introduction to GATe’s policies and procedures. We encourage interested parties to attend this free class before joining so they can decide if GATe is right for them.
Pre-requisite: None.
Class length: 1 hour (one day)

Cost: FREE


Canon XF-305 Camera Class

This class instructs members on the use of the Canon XF-305 production cameras. Students will learn the basics of exposure, composition, tripod setup, camera connections, gain, white balance, and other essential knowledge for running cameras. This class certifies the student to operate the 305 cameras.
Class length: 2-3 hours (two days)

Cost: $50

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Open Edit Class

This will be an open edit class for those of any experience level to improve their skills. If students would like to learn editing from scratch, they will learn to source and download materials to create their own informational videos. Students will choose their subject of interest, write a short ~150 word script, and find footage, images, and text online to use in their project. They will record a voiceover and can choose from a wide variety of music in our APM music library. Students will learn to put all the pieces together and edit in Davinci Resolve. By the end of three classes, each student will have their very own informational video to show.

If students have their own existing projects they'd like to learn to edit with, that is also welcome. Use of Premiere Pro and Final Cut are welcome as well.   
Class length: 2 hours/day, 3 days (one day/week)

Cost: $50/3 days


Adobe Premiere Pro Class

Students in the Adobe Premiere Pro class will learn how to use the Premiere Pro non-linear editing program, covering importing, analyzing footage, editing, transforming video, audio skills, effects and transitions, and exporting. This class certifies the student to use the GATE computers for editing.
Class length: 2.5 hours/day, 6 days (one day/week)

Cost: $100


Davinci Resolve Edit Class

Students will learn the basics of editing and color correction in Davinci Resolve. Great for beginning editors who wish to learn a powerful and free editing platform that they can download for personal use at home. This class certifies the student to use GATe computers for editing.

Class length: 2 hours/day, 3 days (one day/week)

Cost: $75

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Editing Bootcamps

These classes are dedicated to learning the basics of Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Davinci Resolve in a single day. If you don't have time to take a multi-week class but would like to get started with editing anyway, this is the place for you!
Class length: Full day (10 am - 4 pm)

Cost: $50

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