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GATe Membership Benefits

  • Learn media production skills and get certified to borrow GATe equipment.

  • Access to experienced staff and volunteers who can assist with productions.

  • Broadcast content on our cable station, web stream, and our social media platforms.

  • Access to the TV Production studio, computer lab, and equipment to bring content to life.

  • Participate in member events, vote at our annual membership meetings, and run for the board of GATe. 

  • One free ticket to the GATe sponsored Utopia Film Festival each year!


GATe Membership Application

Membership valid for one calendar year (January 1 - December 31)

All prospective members are required to fill out and sign this form themselves, unless they are a minor, are impaired, or have made other arrangements with GATe staff. Membership goes into effect after prospective member receives oral or written confirmation by GATe staff that application has been accepted.


Areas of Interest:

Additional policies can be found on the GATe website at

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