GATe Board of Directors


Frank Gervasi, President

Frank Gervasi has served on the GATe board since 2016 as treasurer, vice president and president. He previously served as a director on the boards of the Old Greenbelt Theatre, Greenbelt Community Solar, and St. Andrews Episcopal Church. He also served as treasurer and vice president of Greenbelt Homes, Inc. and as treasurer of the New Deal Cafe. He has worked with the Utopia Film Festival for the past ten years. He is an active community video producer and wants to promote more community involvement and education at Greenbelt Access Television.

Robert C. Zugby, Board Member Emeritus

Bob served as president of the GATe Board since the inception of the organization in 1986. After 34 years on the board he resigned from the board in 2020 to spend more time with his family. He remains an honored member of the organization.

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Claude Aubert, Secretary

Claude has been a member of GATe since 2011 and is currently serving in his third term on the Board. He is the chair of GATe’s Communications Committee. He has been part of the Utopia Film Festival Committee since 2017. One of his goals for GATe is to get more people to become community video producers who will create their own projects and submit them to GATe.

Maria Silvia Miller

Maria Silvia joined the Board in 2018. She has 54 years of experience in stage theater, television, and radio commercials. Maria Silvia has held positions as elected public official, legislative aide, and political campaign manager. She has worked on numerous documentaries as a narrator.


Ric Gordon, Vice-President

Born Brandon Ricardo Gordon in Prince George's County, Maryland on September 19th, 1982.  Ric Graduated from Morris College in 2004 obtaining his bachelor's degree in political science and pre-law with his minor in psychology.  Ric went on to graduate studies for his master's degree in public administration. Ric serves in various organizations throughout Greenbelt and Ric is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He is also a Prince Hall Freemason of Warren Lodge #8. He joined GATe's board of directors in 2019. 

Mayor Colin Byrd, Council Liaison

Colin Byrd presently serves as the mayor of Greenbelt and became the City Council's liaison to GATe in 2020. 


Diana McFadden

Diana McFadden joined the Board in 2020. She moved to Greenbelt in 2002 and has been active in the community for years. She served on the Greenbelt Homes, Inc. (GHI) Audit Committee for two years, and on the Board of GHI for 12 years. She has been serving on the Board of the New Deal Cafe since 2018. Dianna has become increasingly interested in and impressed by Greenbelt Access Television, and how it quietly enriches and enlightens our community. She believes that GATe can help to increase diversity and culture in our community.


John Campanile, Treasurer

John Campanile joined the Board in 2020. He worked in the DC television market for some 30 years in varying capacities, from editing to production. He became a GATe member shortly after moving to Greenbelt (GHI) in December of 2016 and has produced videos for the New Deal Cafe, Greenbelt Time Bank, Green Man Festival, and the Greenbelt Holiday of Lights. John believes local access television is vital to the community and is excited to be on GATe’s board.

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Nelea 'Lea' Johnson

Lea joined the Board in 2021.  She is currently working for the City of Glenarden a, while creating television and movie scripts in her spare time. Lea has taken film and editing classes with GATe before coming a Board member. She likes writing movie scripts in various genres and is currently working on a short thriller/horror film.

Rebecca Holober

Rebecca joined the Board in 2021. She worked for the FDA as an educational and project management specialist. She has been a member and volunteer with the Utopia Film Festival for many years. Rebecca especially enjoys doing creative outreach for the Utopia Film Festival and using her educational and management background to help further develop GATe.