GATe Board of Directors

Frank Gervasi, President

Frank joined the Board in 2016 and after serving as treasurer and vice-president, was elected president in 2019. Frank is also very involved in the Utopia Film Festival Committee. He serves other Greenbelt organizations as well, including the New Deal Café and the Old Greenbelt Theatre. His goal is to produce quality video productions of events relevant to the Greenbelt community.

Robert C. Zugby, Vice-President

Bob served as president of the GATe Board since the inception of the organization in 1986. He now serves as vice-president and is the chair of GATe's administrative committee. 

René Sewell Raysor, Treasurer

René joined the Board in 2017 and served as the board's secretary for one year before being elected treasurer. René is committed to public access television as a local people-driven town
square for the exchange of ideas.

Rev. Ray Raysor

Rev. Ray joined the Board in 2017. He works as an advocate for the often overlooked and underserved communities of disability and aging.

Claude Aubert

Claude has been a member of GATe since 2011 and joined the Board in 2015.
He is the chair of GATe’s Communications Committee. He has been part of the
Utopia Film Festival Committee since 2017.

Deborah Hartwick

Debbie joined the Board in 2016. She has served as staff for the Utopia Film Festival.

Maria Silvia Miller

Maria Silvia joined the Board in 2018. She has 54 years of experience in stage theater, television, and radio commercials. Maria Silvia has held positions as elected public official, legislative aide, and political campaign manager. She has worked on numerous documentaries as a narrator.

Ric Gordon

Born Brandon Ricardo Gordon in Prince George's County, Maryland on September 19th, 1982.  Ric Graduated from Morris College in 2004 obtaining his bachelor's degree in political science and pre-law with his minor in psychology.  Ric went on to graduate studies for his master's degree in public administration. Ric serves in various organizations throughout Greenbelt and Ric is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He is also a Prince Hall Freemason of Warren Lodge #8

Mayor Colin Byrd, Council Liaison

Colin Byrd is the mayor of Greenbelt and the City Council's liaison to GATe.

(301) 507-6581

15 Crescent Rd # 204, Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA

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