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Call for 2022 Rose Award Contest Submissions

In August 2020, Greenbelt Access Television (GATe) launched the Rose Award Contest for best video created by a Greenbelt community video producer. We are continuing the contest again this year! Submit your video to GATe before the end of 2022, and you will have a chance to win $200, $100, or $50 plus bragging rights. What we are looking for are Greenbelt-centered, self-produced videos that can be aired on our cable channel and spread through our social media channels (Facebook and YouTube). Please read the details below for more explanation.


Video requirements

  • Video content must be related to Greenbelt, should shine a light on an aspect of Greenbelt

  • Video must have been submitted to GATe by the end of the year to be eligible for the award given the following year

  • Video must comply with guidelines of GATe regarding language and other criteria (Read “Content Standard” in “Policies & Procedures” at

  • Cannot include copyrighted video footage, images or music. All content must be original, or be from the Creative Commons or in public domain

  • Video must be at least two minutes long, but not longer than 50 minutes. The judges will only watch the first 8 minutes of every submission, so make sure you have a strong start!

  • Video shooting and editing must be done by contestants themselves; GATe staff can help with advice on how to solve technical issues with camera or editing software but cannot produce the video for contestants

  • GATe equipment such as cameras, tripods, microphones and editing software and computers can be used to produce this video, but this is not a requirement—using your own equipment is fine

  • Video cannot be contract work (meaning someone paid the contestant for making it)

  • Video should include a title in the beginning and credits at the end

  • You may submit as many videos as you would like, but the judges will only watch two submissions from each community video producer. Please indicate which two videos you would like to be judged. If we do not hear from you but you have submitted more than two videos, your latest two videos will be chosen for the competition. 


Who can participate?

  • Individuals or teams who live in Greenbelt, Berwyn Heights, College Park, or New Carrollton (in case of teams, at least 50% need to fulfill this requirement)

  • Not necessary to be a GATe member, but only GATe members can use GATe equipment or get technical advice from GATe staff

  • Contestant cannot be an employee of GATe, or a GATe board member, or a Rose Award Contest judge


Judges will weigh entries based on these criteria:

  • Originality/Creativity/Story 25%

  • Relevance for and connection to Greenbelt 25%

  • Production values, editing 25%

  • Technical quality (Sound, lighting, music) 25%

The judges will be a group of people from our community who are neither GATe staff members nor GATe board members.



$200 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place, as well as recognition at Annual Membership Meeting and a certificate


 In First Place:










  Sally Davies - From Georgia to Greenbelt: A Pandemic Romance Portrait

 In Second Place:







  Tanya Nordberg & Ian Blackwell - 'Twas the Night Before Yuletide


 In Third Place:

   Mike McMullin - La Unica (2nd Set) 

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